Get to Know our Phlebotomy Technician Program, with our Featured Student Spotlight Series

If you are currently working in the healthcare field, and are interested in adding additional skills and certifications to your portfolio, HDMC’s Phlebotomy Technician program is a great way to enhance your skills and build your resume. Students come to HDMC for focused career training programs that are achievable in a short amount of time and are designed to provide the competitive skills needed to stand out in the job market. Why should you choose High Desert Medical College? Check out this Student Spotlight, featuring HDMC Phlebotomy Technician student Ryhen Ann Roque, to learn more about HDMC, our 5-week Phlebotomy Technician course, and why so many students just like you choose HDMC for their healthcare career training. Get to know us better, with this edition of our Featured Student Spotlight Series.  

Ryhen Ann Roque, Phlebotomy Technician course

  Rhyen Ann came to HDMC as a Medical Assistant currently working in the field, who wanted to expand her horizons and learn more about the medical field. She chose HDMC’s Phlebotomy Technician course as the method to achieve this goal. HDMC appealed to Rhyen Ann because it was close to home, and provided convenient scheduling options that would allow her to continue working while attending school at the same time. According to Rhyen Ann, “I chose phlebotomy because I wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes before the lab results are given to patients. In addition, I wanted to understand more about blood draws and gain experience by learning in a clinical lab setting.”

 Rhyen Ann’s instructor, Paul Taft, nominated Rhyen Ann for the Student Spotlight because he was impressed by her both as a student, and as a person. Taft said,I chose Ryhen Ann Roque for the Q2 student spotlight (because) as a student, Ryhen Ann’s academics were outstanding. She was never late for class and always arriving early or leaving late, just wanting to be helpful to other students. She was very inquisitive, always had great questions, learned incredibly fast, and applied her knowledge very intuitively in the clinical setting. As a human, she is one of the most friendly, happy, smiling, helpful, wonderful people I have ever known. People are naturally drawn to her, as she makes everyone around her feel good, and always puts others before herself. She is a talented listener, and will remember everything about a conversation. She continues to come to all my classes to offer up her veins to new students learning to draw blood, and always brings this amazingly positive atmosphere with her, the likes of which I’ve truly never seen before.  She loves her family, and has spent her whole life in care of them despite many of her own hardships. Ryhen Ann is so passionate in the areas of patient care, she is currently studying for her MCAT with the desire to become a physician.” Taft summed up his admiration for Rhyen Ann by saying, “She is talented, smart, hard-working, and such a person certainly deserves recognition.”

At HDMC, students in the Phlebotomy Technician course learn to perform a variety of blood collection methods on adults, children and infants using proper techniques and precautions, including vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles and blood culture specimen collection. Students in the Phlebotomy Technician program also learn proper specimen handling, processing and accessioning. The Phlebotomy Technician course places an emphasis on infection prevention, proper labeling of specimens, proper patient identification, and quality assurance. 

HDMC’s Phlebotomy Technician course is a short program, designed to be completed in just 5 weeks. The course consists of 4 weeks (80 hours) of classroom instruction, and 1 week (40 hours) of a clinical externship. In order to enroll in the Phlebotomy Technician course, students must have a high school diploma or GED, and hold 6 months of work experience in the healthcare field. Graduates receive a Phlebotomy Technician course Certificate of Completion. 

Students like Ryhen Ann choose HDMC for their healthcare training because HDMC’s program is focused, achievable in a short amount of time, and provides the competitive skills needed to stand out in today’s job market. Why should you choose HDMC for your training? Come to HDMC for a focused Phlebotomy Technician training course that can be achieved in a short amount of time, a supportive community culture, and hands-on competitive skills training. With HDMC, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to succeed in the healthcare field. If you are ready to take the next step towards advancing your healthcare career, High Desert Medical College is here to help you make it happen! Call 888-633-4362 or click here to get started today!


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