Get to Know our Pharmacy Technician Program, with our Featured Student Spotlight Series
Get to Know Our Pharmacy Technician Program, With Our Featured Student Spotlight Series

Read on to learn more about HDMC and our Pharmacy Technician program, and why so many students just like you choose HDMC for their career training!

Ruby Wilson, Pharmacy Technician Program, HDMC Temecula

Ruby attends the Pharmacy Technician Program at HDMC. Ruby chose HDMC for her career training because she found it to be an affordable option, and the class schedules allowed her to attend without quitting her job. Ultimately, she was grateful for her choice, finding HDMC to be the best option for her and her busy life. Ruby says, “As soon as I joined as a student of HDMC I soon realized that it was the best option I could have ever made in my life. I am extremely grateful to have a teacher like Mrs. Lopez to lead the Pharmacy Technician Program. I am so glad to be able to experience and learn at HDMC as they taught me to have a goal and keep going forward.”

Instructor Michelle Lopez chose Ruby for the Featured Student Spotlight because of her work ethic and commitment to her studies, as well as her upbeat, positive attitude. Lopez said, “Ruby’s unwavering commitment to learning and willingness to help others is a shining example of what it means to be a Student Spotlight! Her academic achievements and positive attitude have made her an inspiration to those around her. We eagerly anticipate her remarkable accomplishments in the pharmacy field!”

The Pharmacy Technician program at High Desert Medical College (HDMC)

HDMC’s Pharmacy Technician program is designed to teach students the practical skills and critical theoretical knowledge necessary for entry-level employment as pharmacy technicians. Learning from dedicated, experienced instructors, students in HDMC’s Pharmacy Technician program learn how to:

  • Fill prescriptions under the direct supervision of a pharmacist
  • Utilize relevant software applications
  • Recognize the classifications of drugs and scheduled drugs
  • Understand brand, generic, and OTC (over the counter) medications
  • Adhere to HIPAA privacy regulations
  • Comprehend and perform insurance procedures

The Pharmacy Technician program includes an externship component, in which students complete 160 hours in an externship placement. Through the externship opportunity, students are able to practice their skills in a real-world environment.

The Pharmacy Technician program can be completed in as few as 34 weeks! The program is offered in a hybrid-online format, including a combination of hands-on instruction and online theory coursework. HDMC’s flexible hybrid learning model makes career training accessible even for busy, working students. Students can attend school to pursue their healthcare career dream, even while working their current job and/or attending to family and caretaking responsibilities.

Graduates of the Pharmacy Technician program receive a Certificate of Completion, Pharmacy Technician diploma and are eligible to apply for the California state licensure from the Board of Pharmacy.* Graduates of HDMC’s program are also prepared to test for the industry-recognized Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Upon completion of their program, HDMC graduates enter the job market with confidence, thanks to the support of HDMC’s Career Services department. High Desert Medical College is committed to assisting our program graduates in the pursuit of stable, rewarding employment, and the Career Services department provides every student with a wide range of career support services, including resume writing assistance, job searching and networking, interviewing skills, and comprehensive job placement assistance. While the school cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, HDMC instructors and Career Services staff consistently seek to assist students with employment opportunities prior to and after graduation. At HDMC we are committed to offering both a quality educational experience, and individualized job placement assistance, so graduates can utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to successfully enter their chosen career fields.

Why Should You Choose High Desert Medical College for Your Pharmacy Technician Career Training?

Students like Ruby choose HDMC’s Pharmacy Technician program because HDMC’s program provides the competitive skills needed for success in today’s job market. At HDMC, you will find a focused, comprehensive training program, a supportive community culture, and hands-on competitive skills training. With HDMC, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter the healthcare field with confidence. If you are ready to take the next step towards your pharmacy technician career, call High Desert Medical College at 888-633-4362 or click here to get started today!

Choose High Desert Medical College for Your Pharmacy Technician Career Training!

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