Supporting You on Your Path to Purpose Get to Know Our Corporate Well-Being Officer, Arlana Scola
Supporting You on Your Path to Purpose

Get to Know Our Corporate Well-Being Officer, Arlana Scola

May is Mental Health Awareness month, a time to reflect and focus on our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. At any one of Legacy Education’s five campuses across California, you are part of the Legacy Education family. And at Legacy, we care deeply about our students and staff, and we understand that the challenges, obstacles, and stressors we experience can impact us significantly as we each pursue our path to purpose in higher education.

Whether you are at Central Coast College in Salinas, Integrity College of Health in Pasadena, or at a High Desert Medical College campus in Bakersfield, Temecula, or Lancaster, we care about your well-being. We want to see each member of our community thrive, and so we are investing in your well-being with the belief it will make us stronger as a whole. This Mental Health Awareness month is a great time to reflect on your own mental health and focus on taking care of your whole self. At Legacy, we are here to support you as you travel on your path to purpose.

Get to Know Arlana Scola, our Corporate Well-Being Officer

As Legacy Education’s Corporate Well-Being Officer, Arlana Scola is an invaluable resource and pillar of support for the entire Legacy family. Arlana is tasked with nurturing the well-being of the entire Legacy community, from students, to staff, to leadership. Arlana is available to each member of the Legacy family, both remotely, through virtual online meetings and correspondence, and in-person, through rotating visits at each of Legacy’s five campuses. Arlana works with students and staff one-on-one, for personal, focused attention, and also with groups, for supportive community building. Arlana approaches every individual with respect and care for their holistic well-being, their biopsychosocial-spiritual health.

Arlana Scola is a #1 and #2 best-selling author and soul care coach. Arlana is the founder of the Ruby Red Slippers Way and the Renegade Women and Soul Care Way, and the founder and host of the Renegade Women and Soul Care Radio Show on KPRZ. She has been a featured expert panelist on The Kingdom View TV show. Arlana has a Master’s degree in Theology, and worked for years as a certified speaker for Stonecroft ministries where she impacted nearly ten thousand women. Arlana’s specialty is equipping and empowering people to reach their goals and believes in encouraging others to care for their souls so that they can successfully achieve their own calling. Arlana lives in San Diego with her husband, has two sons and three grandchildren, and loves the outdoors, photography, and horseback riding.

Q & A with Arlana, Legacy Education’s new Well-Being Officer

Q. What is your professional background?

A. Much of my professional background has been spent as a Hospice chaplain. In addition to that I was a chaplain in juvenile hall with the highest-level female offenders and also a chaplain at a high-level men’s prison. The majority of my professional life has been spent encouraging people through rough spaces. I also founded an equine equestrian program that worked with youth who were struggling with an array of different problems.

Q. What experience do you have with mental health support?

A. I have a Master’s degree in Theology and a Minor in Pastoral Care. Much of my experience has been working with people in hard places working through difficult problems. I believe it is of the utmost importance to consider the biopsychosocial spiritual view of personhood.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish at Legacy Education?

A. My goal is to be available to students, and employees, to offer support and help encourage and cultivate mental wellness and well-being in general. That can be through casual conversation, through one-on-one meetings, and through classes and the sharing of resources. I am proud to offer support and help to all those at Legacy Education.

Q. What support do you provide Legacy Education students and staff?

A. I have a physical presence on each of our five campuses once a month where I meet with students and staff on a one-to-one basis. I spend time in the classroom, allowing students to get to know me a little bit better. I also provide them with resources, and grief support. I am in the process of starting a grief group for anyone that might want to attend in person or virtually. We will have other virtual resources in the near future. Weekly well-being support for staff via email is currently available.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone struggling with their mental health?

A. There is always help available and it’s important that you reach out when you feel like you need some support. Whether it is personal or professional, talking to someone can be the best step towards a better well-being.

Q. How can students reach you?

A. Email me anytime! You can reach out directly to ascola@legacyed.com.

Legacy Education is proud to have Arlana Scola in our family of educational institutions across California, and we are excited to offer her great services to the entire Legacy family. Arlana is an excellent resource for all Legacy students, staff, and leadership, and we can all benefit from her guidance and support.

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