Get to Know our Online Medical Billing and Coding Program, with our Featured Student Spotlight Series

Are you considering a career in the healthcare field? Are you interested in a career in the administrative side of healthcare? Would you like to gain your education and training through an online program? High Desert Medical College offers an online Medical Billing and Coding Specialist training program designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to pursue this great administrative healthcare career. Why choose HDMC for your Medical Billing and Coding Specialist training? At HDMC, you will find a supportive community culture, practical, skill-based training, and career placement assistance. Students come to HDMC for focused career training programs, achievable in a short amount of time, and designed to prepare graduates with the competitive skills needed to confidently enter the job market. 

Check out this installment of our Student Spotlight series, featuring HDMC online Medical Billing and Coding Specialist students Takami and Sherry, to learn more about HDMC and our 35-week online Medical Billing and Coding program. Get to know us better, with this edition of our Featured Student Spotlight Series.  

Takami Marrota, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program, online

Takami is a student at HDMC, and is enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program online. Takami says that, when researching schools online, she liked HDMC, but made the decision to enroll after coming onto campus for a visit. It was during her tour, Takami says, she realized how much HDMC believes in and supports their students. “I chose HDMC because I felt that this company believes in students. I already liked the school while I was researching schools online, but I was convinced even more when I visited and spoke to the school counselor. She explained the programs, costs, and what happens after graduation. [She] gave me very honest and realistic opinions about the field I was about to enter.” Now that Takami is halfway through her program, she feels confident that the education and training she is receiving will set her on a course to success. “…I am confident that this school will give me the tools and the confidence I need to build a new career.”

Takami was nominated for the Student Spotlight by her instructor Patricia Rico, who said, “Takami has shown initiative from her first day, she utilized her critical thinking and is not content with a textbook explanation. She wants to understand the content and more importantly, why. She has been a great peer leader in helping her classmates even if she has to postpone her work. I admire her drive to thrive!!”

Sherry Ortega, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program

Like Takami, Sherry is enrolled in HDMC’s online Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program. Sherry did her research and was drawn to HDMC based on accreditation and reviews, then, like Takami, made the decision to enroll after coming to campus for a tour: Sherry said, “… I called to take a tour and was very impressed. Welcoming HDMC really cares about what career will suit you!” For Sherry, Medical Billing and Coding was the right choice, because while she was originally interested in Pharmacy Technology, it wasn’t a good fit because she cannot stand for long hours due to knee issues. Sherry found MBC to be a perfect fit, she says, “I heard of MBC, decided to go with that as I can sit down…  I chose a career that I can do and not be worried, not just a job… A career I can possibly work from home, especially in these times!” Sherry continued on to say, “ A career that makes me happy, I enjoy school so much!… HDMC is an awesome college! I look forward to school every evening! Who can say that? I can!”

Sherry’s instructor Patricia Rico nominated her for her engagement, participation, and initiative. Rico says, “I chose her because from day one she helped her classmates without any hesitation she is always on. Camera-on with a smile and ready to engage. (Sherry) excels In learning, assignments are turned in ahead of schedule. She is also a self-starter, there is never a time during class where I have to repeat the expectations to her. She takes the initiative to read ahead, will challenge herself with assignments that are not required to really practice the concepts.”

Takami and Sherry are students in HDMC’s online Medical Billing and Coding program. Just like with the in-person Medical Billing and Coding program, students learn medical terminology, medical billing software, comprehensive medical coding and billing procedures, how to prepare and file insurance claims, and how to analyze benefits. HDMC’s online Medical Billing and Coding program can be completed in as few as 35 weeks, and graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Medical Billing and Coding diploma, and CPR and First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross. 

Upon completion of their program, HDMC graduates enter the job market with confidence, thanks to the support of HDMC’s Career Services department. High Desert Medical College is committed to assisting our program graduates in the pursuit of stable, rewarding employment, and the Career Services department provides every student, including online-only students, with a wide range of career support services, including resume writing assistance, job searching and networking, interviewing skills, and comprehensive job placement assistance. While the school cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, HDMC instructors and Career Services staff consistently seek to assist students with employment opportunities prior to and after graduation. At HDMC we are committed to offering both a quality educational experience, and individualized job placement assistance, so graduates can utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to successfully enter their chosen career fields.

Students like Takami and Sherry choose HDMC for their Medical Billing and Coding training because HDMC offers an online Medical Billing and Coding training program that is focused, can be achieved in a short amount of time, and provides the competitive skills needed for today’s job market. Why should you choose HDMC for your online Medical Billing and Coding training? With HDMC, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter the healthcare field with confidence. High Desert Medical College is here to help you take the next step towards your Medical Billing and Coding career! Call 888-633-4362 or click here to get started today!



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