Featured Student Spotlight: MariaEvelia Ramos & Jose Trejo, Medical Billing and Coding Program

     Are you interested in a healthcare career? Have you considered training for a potential career in administrative healthcare? Medical Billing and Coding professionals are healthcare professionals, responsible for translating healthcare services rendered into the appropriate codes for insurance billing. By performing this critical administrative task, Medical Billing and Coding Specialists make up an important part of a healthcare team.

     At High Desert Medical College, we offer a Medical Billing and Coding training program designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter this career path. If you are interested in a potential Medical Billing and Coding career, HDMC might be a good choice for you! Check out this Featured Student Spotlight, featuring HDMC Medical Billing and Coding students Jose Trejo and MariaEvelia Ramos, to learn more about HDMC and our 35-week Medical Billing and Coding program. Get to know us better, with this edition of our Featured Student Spotlight Series.  

Jose Trejo, Medical Billing and Coding program, HDMC Lancaster

     Jose knew that without a high school diploma, his career choices were limited. When his friend enrolled at HDMC, she encouraged him to do the same. Jose enrolled in HDMC’s ECPP program, which allows him to work towards completing his high school diploma and obtaining his HDMC diploma at the same time. Now, Jose is a student in the Medical Billing and Coding program at HDMC Lancaster, and is well on his way to earning both his high school diploma and his Medical Billing and Coding diploma.

Jose says, “Yes it’s a challenge to keep up with both but my motivation to finish high school is my career and I won’t stop until I achieve it and hold both diplomas/certificates in the air and say I DID IT! Let’s keep striving for success!”

     Jose was nominated for the Student Spotlight by his Lancaster instructor Patricia Rico for the dedication and hard work he has demonstrated. Rico said, “I am nominating Jose Trejo, he is an excellent student and is also obtaining his HS diploma, Jose stays on top of his assignments, attendance is great, he is very helpful to his peers, he tends to be more on the shy side but, if he has a real concern/question does not hesitate to ask. Jose demonstrates respect in the online classroom to myself and his classmates.”

MariaEvelia Ramos, Medical Billing and Coding program, HDMC Bakersfield

     MariaEvelia was tired of working fast food jobs and knew she wanted something better for herself. She chose to study Medical Billing and Coding because she was looking for a career that would allow her to work from home, and enable her to help her family financially. MariaEvelia chose HDMC for her Medical Billing and Coding training because HDMC offers the flexible schedule she needs. Now MariaEvelia is a student in the Medical Billing and Coding program at HDMC Bakersfield, and she says, “I can’t wait to get into my field.”

     MariaEvelia was nominated for the Student Spotlight by her Bakersfield instructor Giuliana Defilippi. Defilippi appreciates MariaEvelia’s friendly good nature: “MariaEvelia Ramos is a friendly and positive person. She is always smiling and engaging with the class.” Defilipi also commended MariaEvelia for both her work ethic, and her ability to take the life challenges she has faced and turn them into a positive. Defilipi says, “The moment she attended my class I knew that she would be determined to learn as much as she could. Her tenacity and grit to understand billing and coding concepts was exceptional. MariaEvelia has struggled with several neck and back surgeries, but you always see a smile on her face. She describes her pain and states, ‘I make the best of it.’ Education is important to her. She frequently helps other students by explaining and reviewing with them. Her life experience also allows her to make connections regarding billing, surgeries and coding. She will be incredibly fruitful in this career.”

     Jose and MariaEvelia are students in HDMC’s Medical Billing and Coding program. In the Medical Billing and Coding program, students learn to perform critical tasks in support of doctors and medical practices. HDMC students learn medical terminology, medical billing software, comprehensive medical coding and billing procedures, how to prepare and file insurance claims, and how to analyze benefits. HDMC’s Medical Billing and Coding program can be completed in as few as 35 weeks, and graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Medical Billing and Coding diploma, and CPR and First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross. 

     Upon completion of their program, HDMC graduates enter the job market with confidence, thanks to the support of HDMC’s Career Services department. High Desert Medical College is committed to assisting our program graduates in the pursuit of stable, rewarding employment, and the Career Services department provides every student with a wide range of career support services, including resume writing assistance, job searching and networking, interviewing skills, and comprehensive job placement assistance. While the school cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, HDMC instructors and Career Services staff consistently seek to assist students with employment opportunities prior to and after graduation. At HDMC we are committed to offering both a quality educational experience, and individualized job placement assistance, so graduates can utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to successfully enter their chosen career fields.

     Students like Jose and MariaEvelia choose HDMC’s Medical Billing and Coding program because HDMC’s program is focused, achievable in a short amount of time, and provides the competitive skills needed for today’s job market. Why should you choose HDMC for your Medical Billing and Coding training? Students just like you come to HDMC for practical, skill-based training, career placement assistance, and a supportive community. With HDMC, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter the healthcare field with confidence. If you are ready to take the next step towards your career as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, High Desert Medical College is here to help you make it happen! Call 888-633-4362 or click here to get started today!


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