Featured Student Spotlight:  Marie, Kelsey, and Nadia, Ultrasound Technician Program

     Are you interested in a healthcare career? Have you considered training for a potential career as an Ultrasound Technician? Ultrasound Technicians are high-trained healthcare professionals who specialize in using sophisticated equipment to produce images of internal organs, soft tissue, and blood vessels, as well as to observe developing fetuses in the womb.

     At High Desert Medical College, we offer an Ultrasound Technician training program designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter this career path. If you are interested in a potential career as an Ultrasound Technician, HDMC might be a good choice for you! Check out this Featured Student Spotlight, featuring HDMC UT students Marie, Kelsey, and Nadia, to learn more about HDMC and our 84-week Ultrasound Technician diploma program. Get to know us better, with this edition of our Featured Student Spotlight Series.

Marie Ramirez, Ultrasound Technician program, HDMC Bakersfield

     Marie came to HDMC after a long break from school, and had some anxieties about going back to school. But her motivation for her children empowered her to push through and she enrolled in HDMC’s Ultrasound Technician program. Now she considers it one of the best decisions she’s ever made! Marie says, “I was very hesitant going back because I kept asking myself what if I fail? But I pushed all those negative thoughts aside and decided that I was going to try my best and give it my all not only for myself but for my two children as well. I want to be financially stable to provide for all their needs and wants on my own and in order to do that I knew I needed to go back to school and have a career instead of just a job. Also, I wanted to show my children that you can do anything you set your mind to, there is no limit, and it’s never too late!”

     Marie appreciates the support she has received from her HDMC instructors. She says, “a huge thank you to all my teachers that have helped me along the way, you all are the best.” Her Instructor, Ernest Reyes, chose her for the Student Spotlight because of her work ethic, determination, as well as her tremendous potential. Reyes said, “Marie is hard working! She is here to get things done in order to better her family and herself! This student is going to go far!”

Kelsey Davis, Ultrasound Technician, HDMC Bakersfield

     Kelsey came to HDMC because she was ready to change career paths and wanted to pursue a healthcare career. She chose HDMC for it’s flexible schedules and supportive community. Kelsey says, “I chose the UT program at HDMC after being in the transportation industry for years. I knew that I wanted to go back to school for a career in the medical field and I have considered being a sonographer for quite some time now, so HDMC’s classes and schedule was a perfect fit for me. Having instructors and classmates by my side to help along the way has led me to have a strong foundation to continue learning.”

     Kelsey’s instructor chose to feature in the Student Spotlight for her dedication and resiliency. Despite the challenges she has faced, she still remains positive. Reyes said, “She is a joy in the lab. She has run into some rough patches along the way but seems to bounce back. Stay on the path!

Nadia Cuellar, Ultrasound Technician, HDMC Bakersfield

     HDMC was a natural fit for Nadia, who always knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Nadia says, “The medical field has always been my preferred career path since high school. I am extremely fortunate to have found this career path as an ultrasound student.” Nadia is motivated to work hard to achieve her career goal, and she is grateful for the support of her HDMC instructors. “I have no doubt that with a lot of hard work I will be guided towards a successful future.” Nadia continued, ”A special thanks goes out to both of my instructors, their hard work in pushing me beyond my limits does not go unnoticed.”

     Nadia’s instructor appreciates her work ethic, and knows she has a bright future ahead of her. Reyes said, “(Nadia) Is hardworking, persistent, and dependable. She is a pleasure being around. I’ve watched this young lady grow and she is going to do great in her externship. Congratulations Nadia, well deserved.”

     Marie, Kelsey, and Nadia are students in HDMC’s Ultrasound Technician program. In the Ultrasound Technician program, students learn medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and physics, as well as how to work with specialized equipment. HDMC provides Ultrasound Technology students access to innovative SonoSim training technology, which offers state-of-the-art training modules that complement students’ training by providing remote hands-on ultrasound training, didactic instruction, and assessment. HDMC’s Ultrasound Technician program can be completed in 84 weeks, and graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Ultrasound Technician diploma. Students may choose to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree by completing additional General Education courses (108 weeks total).

     Upon completion of their program, HDMC graduates enter the job market with confidence, thanks to the support of HDMC’s Career Services department. High Desert Medical College is committed to assisting our program graduates in the pursuit of stable, rewarding employment, and the Career Services department provides every student with a wide range of career support services, including resume writing assistance, job searching and networking, interviewing skills, and comprehensive job placement assistance. While the school cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, HDMC instructors and Career Services staff consistently seek to assist students with employment opportunities prior to and after graduation. At HDMC we are committed to offering both a quality educational experience, and individualized job placement assistance, so graduates can utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to successfully enter their chosen career fields.

     Students like Marie, Kelsey, and Nadia choose HDMC’s Ultrasound Technician program because HDMC’s program is focused, comprehensive, and provides the competitive skills needed for today’s job market. Why should you choose HDMC for your Ultrasound Technician training?  Students just like you come to HDMC for practical, skill-based training, career placement assistance, and a supportive community. With HDMC, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter the healthcare field with confidence. If you are ready to take the next step towards your Ultrasound Technician career, High Desert Medical College is here to help you make it happen! Call 888-633-4362 or click here to get started today!


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