What Will You Do This Summer?

Get on Your Way to a New Career, With HDMC’s Short Programs!

     Summer is here! The days are long, and the sun is out. What are you doing this summer? With HDMC’s short programs, you can get started on your way to a new career this summer! At High Desert Medical College, our short programs are enrolling now, and they can be completed in as few as 9 months! That means that you can get started towards a new career this summer, and be on your way towards a new career in less than a year. 

     At HDMC, we offer several short programs that can be completed in less than a year. With HDMC’s short programs, you can train to be a Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, Pharmacy Technician, or Veterinary Assistant in as few as 9 months! HDMC’s short programs are focused, concise, and designed to provide you with the precise skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your new career. Plus, HDMC provides hands-on skills training, so you can gain the practical skills you need to enter your new career with confidence. 

     If you love animals and would like to work with them and care for them, a career as a Veterinary Assistant could be right for you! Veterinary assistants play an important role, assisting veterinarians and providing critical and compassionate care to many different kinds of animals. In HDMC’s Veterinary Assistant program, you can learn the theoretical knowledge and gain the critical hands-on skills to enter this rewarding career in as few as 35 weeks! Through a combination of quality curriculum delivered by experienced faculty, and hands-on practical experience in on-campus labs and through an externship, HDMC students are thoroughly prepared for careers in the veterinary assisting field. 

At HDMC, students learn to:

  • Prepare veterinary exam rooms
  • Maintain and sterilize surgical instruments
  • Intake animals for exams
  • Feed animals 
  • Bathe animals 
  • Exercise animals
  • Safely restrain animals during procedures
  • Care for and monitor animals after surgery or treatment 
  • Give medications and administer immunizations 

     Graduates of HDMC’s Veterinary Assistant program receive their Certificate of Completion, Veterinary Assisting diploma, and are prepared to immediately enter into entry-level positions in the field. Every graduate enters the field with confidence, thanks to the hands-on experience they gain through the program. At HDMC, every Veterinary Assistant student has the opportunity to receive multi-species experiences at a local farm or ranch as a part of our off-site labs. HDMC is proud to have partnerships with local organizations, like Sugarplum Zoo and California Ranch Company, and in Bakersfield, VA students volunteer their time with the group Street Dog Coalition to provide healthcare screenings to pets of the homeless. HDMC connects our VA students with their off-site clinical and field trip opportunities, and students benefit from hands-on, real-world experience at the local farm or ranch, while having a great time being outside and enjoying the animals!

     If veterinary assisting sounds like an interesting career to you, HDMC has the training program for you! If you love animals, and have always wanted to make a career out of working with them, you can get started on your way to a veterinary assisting career this summer! With HDMC’s short program for Veterinary Assistants, you can get the training you need in as few as 35 weeks! With locations in Lancaster, Bakersfield, and Temecula, California, HDMC is an excellent choice for your career training. Contact our Admissions Department to find out how you can get started. Get started on your way this summer – give HDMC a call at 888-633-4362 today! 

Your new career begins this summer, with HDMC’s short programs!





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