Veterinary Assistant

Do you love animals? Have you always wanted to work with animals and care for them? If you would like to turn your passion for animals into a rewarding career, a career as a Veterinary Assistant could be a great choice for you!

With High Desert Medical College’s Hybrid, Hands-on, and Online courses, you can get the training you need for this rewarding career in as few as 35 weeks!

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At High Desert Medical College, our Veterinary Assistant training program is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and critical hands-on skills to enter this rewarding career. Veterinary assistants provide critical assistance and support to scientists, veterinarians, and veterinary technologists and technicians with their daily tasks. Common tasks for Veterinary Assistants include feeding, bathing and exercising animals, preparing for examinations and procedures, caring for animals after surgery, and giving medication and immunizations prescribed. In this 35-week program, students in the Veterinary Assistant program learn from professional instructors, and receive real-world on-the-job experience through an Externship.

Students in the Veterinary Assisting program learn how to:

  • Prepare veterinary exam rooms
  • Maintain and sterilize surgical instruments
  • Intake animals for exams
  • Feed, bathe, and exercise animals
  • Safely restrain animals during procedures
  • Care for and monitor animals after surgery or treatment
  • Giving medications and administer immunizations

    Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Veterinary Assistant diploma, and are prepared to immediately enter into entry-level positions in the field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Veterinary Assistants among the fastest growing occupations over the 2019-2029 decade. Employment is projected to grow 16% – much faster than the average job ranking. As of 2019, Veterinary Assistants held about 100,000 jobs with employment in Veterinary Offices, Veterinary Hospitals, Research Facilities, Animal Shelters, Wildlife Refuges and Zoos.

    • Veterinary Terminology
    • Veterinary Pharmacy
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Nursing and Care for the Veterinary Assistant
    • Externship

  • Total Weeks in Program: 35 Weeks – Morning classes | 42 Weeks – Evening classes
  • Semester Credit Hours: 44.41
  • Financial Aid Credits: 25
  • Total Clock Hours: 940
  • Classroom Hours: 740 (Lecture 469 + Lab 280)
  • Clinical Externship Hours: 200
  • Teacher/Student ratio: 1/Class Lab 1/20
  • Student will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Get to Know our VA Program
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