Dental Assistant Training: 5 Surprising Things You’ll Learn

In 2016, Dental Assistants held about 332,000 jobs and is projected to grow 19% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, there are more benefits than one when it comes to building a career in dentistry. Dental Assistant training can teach you all about:

  • Dental anatomy and infection control
  • Dental assistant procedures
  • Chairside assisting
  • Dental radiography and imaging
  • Dental practice office management
  • Clinical Externship

All of these great opportunities can happen with hands-on, real-world training at High Desert Medical College. On top of the successful career, dentistry, in general, is filled with a ton of fun facts. For example, you’ll find out in Dental Assistant training that there are more toothpaste flavors at the dentist than plain old mint. Most dental offices also carry crazy flavors like cookie dough, bacon, and pickles! This is the perfect solution for kids who are afraid of the dentist, but who also like bacon (apparently it works). Here are some more surprising facts about dentistry!

  1. The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body (which is why taking care of sensitive tooth enamel is so important)
  2. Men are more likely than women statistically to have periodontal disease
  3. In the early 1900s, the tooth fairy left an average of 20 cents a tooth. Now it is up to around $3.00!
  4. It is actually recommended you get a new toothbrush every three months (oops)
  5. If you brushed your teeth for two minutes, two times a day, you’ll brush exactly 24 hours a year.

Along with fun facts, there are things you may be surprised you’ll learn about in Dental Assistant training. Here are 5 surprising things you’ll learn.

Dental Assistance Training: It’s About More Than Just Teeth

A lot of people don’t realize that poor dental health can be a sign of a much more serious condition. Here are just a few medical conditions that are linked to poor dental hygiene.

  • Heart disease– bacteria build-up in the mouth can travel to the heart and lead to a heart attack
  • Lung conditions– People suffering from pulmonary diseases may have the condition exacerbated by an increase in bacteria within the lungs
  • Stroke– One of the reasons why people have a stroke is from narrowing artery walls. It is believed that oral bacteria could be a contributing factor to arteries narrowing.
  • Endocarditis– Oral bacteria can find its way to the heart and valves and build growths that cause inflammation and infection to the inner lining of the heart
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis– Periodontal disease worsens the pain inflicted upon people with an autoimmune disorder
  • Inflammation– inflammation of the gums can cause systemic inflammation

You Could Save a Life

By being able to recognize these systemic connections between oral hygiene and the rest of the body, you can inform people of the risk of neglecting dental hygiene. There are cases in which an untreated toothache led to death! When you teach your patients proper dental hygiene and perform regular cleanings for them, you could be saving them from an emergency room visit. The dental care association estimates more than 46 million people live in “dental health professional shortage areas”. You can make a huge difference for people by earning your Dental Assistant certificate.

You Can Do More with Dental Assistance Training

In addition to becoming a Dental Assistant, this career path can also lead to jobs within the following categories:

  • Office manager
  • Patient treatment coordinator
  • Dental billing
  • Dental sales rep
  • Dental lab

You can also find a career working in community clinics, hospitals, prison facilities, nursing homes, and schools. You can work with corporations, in public health, as an educator, researcher, administrator, or entrepreneur.

Dental Assistant Teams are Passionate

Having good teamwork within the workplace promotes a sense of achievement, equity, and camaraderie, which is essential for a successful workplace. When you join a dental assistant team following graduation, you’re really joining a team of like-minded and passionate individuals. You can go into a niche career you want under dentistry and find a group of people who are just as passionate about the job as you are. You’ll find this out yourself quickly in the certification program!

You Will Have Increased Responsibility

Since there is a projected shortage of dentists, many states are handing off more responsibility to Dental Assistants. This is why an amazing Dental Assistance training program is more important than ever. This also means more chances to expand dental knowledge and be responsible for more processes within the facility. According to adha.org, 37 states in the U.S. allow dental hygienists to have direct access, which is the ability to initiate treatment based on their assessment of a patient’s needs without the specific authorization of a dentist, treat the patient without the presence of a dentist, and maintain a provider-patient relationship.

Overall, becoming a professional in dentistry, through Dental Assistant training, is an excellent career path! In about 9 months, you can earn your Dental Assisting diploma and join a growing and passionate workforce. Contact HDMC today to get started with your new career in Dental Assisting and healthcare.

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