LVN IV Therapy Certification and Blood Withdrawal

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High Desert Medical College offers IV Therapy Certification with Blood Withdrawal. The course is Approved by the Board of Vocational Nursing Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). Once the course is successfully completed, the IV Therapy and Blood Withdraw course participant will receive 36 CE Contact Hours. The course is designed to prepare Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) to start and superimpose intravenous fluid via primary or secondary infusion lines and perform blood withdrawal. The course will cover psychological preparation of the patient based on the growth and developmental stage, legal aspect in IV therapy & blood withdrawal, infection control, indications for IV therapy, types of venipuncture devices, delivery systems, intravenous fluids, venipuncture sites, observation of the patient, regulation of the fluid flow, selection of equipment, complications of IV therapy, methods of blood withdrawal, method selection, safety measures, universal precautions, complications and preparation of withdrawal sites. Course participants must attend laboratory practice to perform four (4) successful blood withdrawals and three (3) successful IV starts. Certificates will not be issued to students who fail to successfully complete all laboratory practices.

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