Dental Radiation Safety Course

The Dental Board of California requires Dental Assistants to have a California Radiation Safety (X-Ray) certificate in order to take x-rays in a dental office. Additionally, all applicants for Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) licensure must provide evidence of completion of an approved Dental Radiation Safety course. HDMC’s Dental Radiation Safety course is approved by the Dental Board of California to certify students in Radiation Safety.



Through in-class lectures, instructional videos, and one-on-one training using dental x-ray manikins and live patients, students learn x-ray safety, film exposure,  bisecting and parallel techniques, processing and mounting of non-digital x-rays, digital x-ray(Dexis) training, and evaluation of both digital and non-digital dental x-rays. Upon completion of the HDMC’s Radiation Safety course students will receive an x-ray certificate/license. The California Dental Board will be notified upon the student’s successful completion of the Radiation Safety Certification course.



  • Course length: 32 hours

This course requires a valid CPR card through only the American Heart Association BLS or Red Cross BLS. Students who already have a valid CPR should bring in a copy of their card when attending class. Students must also show proof of completion of an approved Dental Infection Control Course. Students must complete four (4) approved x-ray patients to complete the certification.



Course is approved by the Dental Board of California and the Bureau of Private Postesecondary Education in California and accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education (ACCET).

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Course is 32 Hours

Cost is $449


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